The Sun Just Keeps Rising

I am on my way home. It’s a long way and an even longer day(s). It has been a very long week of goodbyes, packing and the details of moving out.

I cannot really put this whole experience into words. And I suspect it is not yet done. I will be finishing up my project in the next couple of weeks and going through re-culturalizatiion. The experts and those who have gone through it say it can be harder to go home, culturally, then to leave. I’ll let you know.

The bonus of heading in this direction is that I have had a day with two sunrises! One in Singapore and a spectacular welcome home over Alaska. A very nice way to see the US for the first time in six months!




One Response to “The Sun Just Keeps Rising”
  1. Murri says:

    Hi, I know that you must be soooo happy to be back home. I’m interested to know how the adjustment is for you. I lived in Japan for two years and experienced my culture shock when I returned home, odd. My family and I will be heading to the orientation in DC and my young sons are excited about relocating to Singapore. Is there an area in Singapore that you recommend?

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