A Weekend of Wandering and Wondering

My last weekend in Singapore has come and gone. I had hoped to get some more work done on my project but I have reached some sort of limit. I have written over 60 pages and probably have 10 or 15 left to go, but it is all blending together. And then there are appendices and citations!  I can’t even edit or proofread my own work. I think I have been immersed in this research and writing stage for too long. And since the whole point of my project is to make engineering design simple and user-friendly for the non-engineering science teachers out there, I need a clear head. After meeting with my advisor today, I feel better. She agrees I just need a little distance and that what I have so far is good and not too far from done. Fortunately, I have several weeks after I get home to complete it. So that’s the plan. I am pretty sure I can get it done next week, but I only have three days left here and I still have some meetings and details to take care of before I leave and effectively, not time.

I struggled with it on Saturday, but just got myself more jumbled up. So on Sunday, I gave up. I stopped wondering how to get it all done and set off wandering around the city. I headed to the beach at Sentosa early in the morning. Just to see some water before the crowds and the heat. But, as is typical here, rain came out of nowhere, so I headed home for dry clothes and some lunch and set out again. It cleared up and it was beautiful out! Blue skies, white puffy clouds (as opposed to gray or, more recently, smoky brown), and a breeze! I wasn’t even sweating and I don’t think that has ever happened. W   e all “glow” here! I am just going to let the photos do the talking since I truly am all written out!

iphone July 8 658

The Giant Merlion at Sentosa

iphone July 8 661

Tanjong Beach on Sentosa Island

iphone July 8 653

Cruise Ship docking at HarbourFront

iphone July 8 664

Pagoda Street Chinatown

iphone July 8 668

Buddha’s Tooth Temple

iphone July 8 671 iphone July 8 673 iphone July 8 675 iphone July 8 677 iphone July 8 682 iphone July 8 679

iphone July 8 689

The Double Helix Pedestrian Bridge

iphone July 8 699

The Singapore Flyer at Sunset

The Singapore Flyer at Sunset



iphone July 8 696

The Flower Dome

iphone July 8 694

Marina Bay Sands as seen from Gardens by the Bay

iphone July 8 702

SuperTrees at Sunset

iphone July 8 713 iphone July 8 710 iphone July 8 735

iphone July 8 743

Good Night, Singapore!


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