The Sun Just Keeps Rising

I am on my way home. It’s a long way and an even longer day(s). It has been a very long week of goodbyes, packing and the details of moving out. I cannot really put this whole experience into words. And I suspect it is not yet done. I will be finishing up my project … Continue reading

A Weekend of Wandering and Wondering

My last weekend in Singapore has come and gone. I had hoped to get some more work done on my project but I have reached some sort of limit. I have written over 60 pages and probably have 10 or 15 left to go, but it is all blending together. And then there are appendices … Continue reading

Still a Long Way to Go!

It is July. I will be going home in 9 days. It is hard to believe that this adventure will end soon. It was first an idea about two years ago. So much has happened in those two years that I really can’t process it yet. So I won’t try right now. My brain seems … Continue reading