Chiang Mai, Part 2

As promised, I will use this second post on Chiang Mai to give you an idea of the history and sights in the city itself. Chiang Mai is in northern Thailand and is the hub of the Lanna region. Many hill tribes are found in the area, some of which have relocated due to turmoil … Continue reading

Chiang Mai (Part 1)

Fortunately, I was able to escape from Singapore and the Sumatran smoke and head north to Thailand. By the time I left late last week, the air quality had reached hazardous and the smoke had pretty much permeated everything – my apartment, the trains, all clothes, everything! My head hurt, my lungs were burning and … Continue reading

Sumatran Smoke In Singapore

I had planned to work on my project and take breaks every day or so to sort of fill in the blanks in terms of places I haven’t visited yet or those I haven’t fully explored. Well, that isn’t really working too well due to an unexpected invasion of smoke! Apparently, slash and burn land … Continue reading

Lost in the Web!!

I confess – I am running out of energy for writing and researching and thinking. I have pretty much put myself in lockdown mode trying to get things written up and wrapped up in the next few weeks. In the process, I have decided that my own students are masters of self control!! Seriously, I … Continue reading

Singapore Ramblings (on many levels)

It is hard to believe that in exactly one month I will be packing my bags and getting ready to get on a plane for home! I expect this next month to be a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I am very ready to go home! I have always missed every one but now … Continue reading

A Journey in SpaceTime

I have spent the past four days at a Physics Conference that consisted primarily of 3 days of workshops. I came home fully intending to go for a walk (or trek as they like to call it here) along the Southern Ridges, a series of inter-connected parks along the ridge behind my neighborhood. It seemed … Continue reading

Six Weeks to Go !!??

It is hard to believe that six months has now come down to six weeks!! I have all sorts of mixed feelings about that. I am very ready to go home. Singapore has been and still is a great experience but it is not my home. On the other hand, I sometimes think that the … Continue reading