That “Bali” Thing

It has been a three day weekend here, kind of the reverse of Memorial Day weekend, with Friday instead of Monday off. Friday was Vesak Day. It is Buddha’s birthday and a national holiday. It is actually celebrates Buddha’s birth, enlightenment (Nirvana) and death. As I understand it, it is day for new beginnings and … Continue reading

New Eyes and “New” Sights

When you live here, lots of things just become part of the background noise. The buildings, the food, the climate and the culture are just part of daily life. I guess that is the difference between being a tourist and being a resident. I think many of us do that at home. We can all … Continue reading


I am still over here on the other side of the world; I haven’t disappeared or fallen off or gotten tired of blogging. I have had a very busy three weeks and I have written four or five posts in my head but haven’t had a chance to sit down and record them. My daughters … Continue reading

Labor Day

May 1st is Labor Day here in Singapore and it is a national holiday. June, a fellow Fulbrighter from Singapore and our resident naturalist, took Katie and I to one of the few farms left in Singapore. My buddy teacher, Ruth, and her husband, Zach, met us there. The place we visited was in the … Continue reading