It’s the End of April ??? !!!

It is suddenly almost the end of April and my research continues to pile up. I am a starting to panic a bit, especially since it seems that weeks are going faster than they did at first. I think maybe I am busier, but I can’t quite sort it out. “Busy” is a normal state … Continue reading

I’m Back

I’m back, both literally and figuratively. And I apologize to anyone who was worried about me after my last post. But it is what it is… I did give myself a break from both Singapore and work. I went to Bintan, an Indonesian island that is a 55 minute high speed catamaran ride south of … Continue reading

I Am Here

I have thought about whether or not I should write this post for the past 24 hours. I have decided to go ahead with it for a couple of reasons. One is simply that many of you who follow this blog know that the Boston Marathon is a part of my story. And the other … Continue reading

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

It has been three very busy weeks!  The time that was originally built into my schedule for reflection and organization seems to have gone missing during this past month. And while it may sound like a luxury to have time dedicated to reflection and pulling your thoughts together, I have discovered that it is actually … Continue reading

A Week in the Life

I have had a very busy two weeks and spent most of the past weekend trying to get caught up and organized. I guess I have been living here too long – this week has felt like a basic busy work week! The heat and extreme humidity have remained a factor this week and they … Continue reading