Mousetrap Motoring!

We have functioning cars! The two teachers I have been working with, Tan Wei and Ming Yang, have been holding their breath for the past couple of weeks. But every group had something close to a working car this week. The SST MTV EDP Grand Prix is next week, so now they are all working … Continue reading

Being a Tourist in Singapore and Thailand

Schools here had their March break during this past week. I spent part of it here and part of it the Krabi region of Thailand. My son, Ben, manged to schedule some vacation during the same time and was here for a visit. It was great to have company and I hope the trip was … Continue reading

March Adventures

I promised myself I would get caught up on my blog this week and I am really trying. The photos keep accumulating and, I think because the weather is basically always the same, the weeks  and adventures start to blend together. So a quick update about March so far, outside of work, is in order … Continue reading

Things “Sing”

Somehow, two weeks have passed by since I last posted an entry in this blog!! My apologies to anyone who was worried I had disappeared. I am very much here, maybe too much here with a little too much work. I think I am becoming part Singaporean, scurrying from one place to the next and … Continue reading

Wrapping Up February

February really flew by !! I have been here almost two months, which means my time is about one-third over!! I spent a lot of time this past week getting the MouseTrap Vehicle (MTV) project ready to launch. I have reworked everything I did in the past in order to constantly bring the focus back … Continue reading