A Very Busy Week in the Year of the Snake!

Chinese New Year is a 15 day celebration so it technically does not end until next Monday (Feb. 25). Life seems to be getting back to normal around here pretty quickly. The trains are crowded at the usual times again, you can get into the stores and sightings of little red bags with oranges in … Continue reading

Haw Par Villa

Last Tuesday, when there was a lull in the rain, I went for a walk in my neighborhood and ended up exploring Haw Par Villa. My MRT (train) station is the Har Paw Villa station and takes its name after a garden/park constructed by the family that owned Tiger Balm. It was constructed in the … Continue reading

Chinese New Year (CNY)

Chinese New Year is finally here. Pretty much everyone here has a four day weekend. It is very much a time for visiting family and a number of places close. Most seem to have started reopening yesterday (Monday) and I am assuming more places are open today. It is, of course, raining again so I … Continue reading

A Week of “Normal”

I finally had a normal. almost boring weekend and a pretty routine week. I really needed both! After holiday preparations in December, followed by a couple of weeks of getting ready to leave for Singapore and then several weeks of adjusting to living here, my life has not felt “normal” in a while. And I … Continue reading

A More Routine Week

This past week flew by but it seemed a little more manageable than my first few weeks. Maybe I am starting to adjust and settling into some sort of routine. I still find myself flipping from resident to tourist mode on a daily basis and I think that lends itself to overdoing things. While six … Continue reading