A Sunny Weekend Spent Being a Tourist

This weekend was marked by nearly constant sunshine and ,thankfully, constant breezes! I am still amazed that I am able to function in this tropical heat, but I guess the rainy weather of the first few weeks helped me to acclimate more easily. I decided to spend this weekend doing a kind of  survey of … Continue reading

A Week in Singapore

I don’t just run around and take photos – I am really here to see how Singaporean schools hope to educate students of the 21st century. My main focus is to put more of an engineering spin into science in the hopes of attracting more creative students who are willing to take innovative approaches to … Continue reading

A Rainy Weekend

I am a little late with this blog entry. This week has been another busy one and another weekend is approaching. I wanted to get some photos from last weekend posted before I got  too far behind! It is the end of the rainy season here (think monsoon) and just like it seems everywhere else, … Continue reading

Running Around (Literally)

Whenever I have been somewhere new, I have always found that the best to learn about my neighborhood is to go out for a run. Jet lag and respect for Singapore’s heat and humidity kept me from doing that until a few days ago. And, as always, once I went I felt much better and … Continue reading

Whirlwind Week

Research and work began in earnest this week and I am also steadily adding to my collection of acronyms!. On Monday, I was warmly welcomed at the School of Science and Technology (SST). SST is a new school, dedicated to encouraging innovative and creative young people to pursue technical interests. They are trying to juggle a … Continue reading

My First Singaporean Weekend

In an effort to defeat jet lag, I tried to keep busy over the weekend and resisted the urge to go to sleep at 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Saturday was spent seeing a little bit of a number of places – a Singapore sampler, if you will. And Sunday was time for outdoor … Continue reading

The First Few Days (or What Day is it Anyway?)

The first few days in Singapore have passed in a blur of activity and jet lag. My Ministry of Education contact, Ser Wee, and my “buddy teacher”, Ruth, very graciously helped me get to my apartment on Wednesday and then took me to take care of some very important details like a phone and food! … Continue reading

Day One

I am on my way! Actually, I will probably be there by the time I have WiFi again and can post this. What was just an idea almost two years ago is now a reality. And, it is a lot more intimidating than the idea!! I started writing this post on a 747 somewhere over … Continue reading